The Philosopher's Stone is a powerful endgame item that is known to stop all effects of equivalency on the user, if a user has the philosophers stone and tries to perform alchemy. the equivalent factor is taken out and the action is performed immediately and with devastation force

Current Features of the PStoneEdit

Currently the Philosophers stone is used for random transmutation in the world, it can transmute any block in the world to another one and this is very helpful if you are looking for emerald blocks. This is just the current stage of the PStone and it will definitely be changed later but for now it works and be glad that it does.

Crafting the PStoneEdit

The Philosophers stone can be Crafted with one of each stone (good and evil) and a nether star, this recipe will be changed later to reflect the actual Creation of the PStone but as it stands it is a good recipe for a close if not completely endgame item.