The Fire Alchemist glove is a glove that in the right hands can be used to take out a lot of enemies from afar or even from a close proximity it's main purpose is to light enemies and even the ground on fire and can be deadly if not used the right way.

Current FeaturesEdit

The Current features of the Fire Alchemist Glove is that it makes  3x3 of Fire where the person clicks on the ground, this can be deadly if the person that is using the mod does not know what they are doing and can lead to many deaths all in the name of !!SCIENCE!!

Crafting RecipeEdit

The Fire Alchemist Glove can only be created after the fire research is done via the current research system. once that is done however it is quite simple to make, 3 alchemical string along the top row. 2 Alchemical wool and one fire circle in the middle for the bottom row, and under the Fire Circle is another alchemical wool, making the blocky form of a glove